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Travis J. Richter

Fargo Stuff Website Design & Development

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Fargo Stuff Website

About the Project:

FargoStuff.com was originally founded in 2006. The original “Four-Cities” image created by John Borge, was applied to a variety of posters, apparel, note cards, and more - this was a huge hit and helped the site gain notoriety. In 2010, Borge sold FargoStuff.com to wife and husband Jill and Pete Christopher. Their vision for the site was to expand upon the already successful apparel & print items, while shifting their market to meet the demands of buyers from both businesses and households.

FargoStuff is now owned and operated by Office Sign Company LLC, a downtown Fargo company that emerged in 2008 as the city's leading sign manufacturer. Ryan Fritz, the CEO & Founder of Office Sign Company, recognized the we were already creating Fargo signage, Fargo coasters and even apparel with a Fargo flavor.

Upon purchase of FargoStuff.com, the need to replatform and restructure the site for the intended audience was eminent. Created utilizing Magento 2, this ecommerce site now has approximately 278 product listings. Partnering with nonprofits such as Mind Shift, Giving Hearts Day and the Ronald McDonald House Charities, FargoStuff.com has been resurrected and is currently a thriving ecommerce site in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

In 2016, FargoStuff.com won a Silver ADDY Award for Consumer Website Design, due to the rebranding and website design collaborations from myself (Web Development Manager), Bri Lee (Markeing Graphic Designer), Jack Yackowicz (Marketing Manager) and Ryan Fritz (CEO / Owner).

Take a look at the site, by clicking the link below: